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NiWo Music Publishing

Welcome to NiWo Music.
You can find here a short summary of our german website. For more details please
send an e-mail or just call us by phone. We are looking foreward to hear from you!


Administration and precise control of the copyrighted works, in particular with regard
to the accounts with the performing rights societies (worldwide).

Computer-aided promotion in conjunction with personal presentation of the products
to the individual radio and tv stations over a minimim period of 3 months
(if in cooperation with an audio carrier company, in agreement with that company).

Legal Advice
Legal advice especially on matters concerning copyright.

Exploitation on industry samplers.

Publications abroad through sub-publishing contracts.

Film Production And Advertising Rights
Award of the performance rights to third parties insofar as the author(s) is/are in agreement.

Music Business
The music business and the associated public performances are depend on the pertinent musical style. 

At present NiWo Music is in charge of the following international performing artists:
Fed Wesley (USA), Karl Denson (USA), Deborah Henson-Connant (USA), Ivan Drever
(Two Wolfstones - UK), The Tannahill Weavers (UK), Ian Bruce (UK), Michael Silver (UK),
David Qualey (USA), Hans Theessink (Netherlands), Ronnie Taheny (Australia) a.s.o.

Check out more artists on the german page "